An Afternoon of Spiritual Insights

An Afternoon of Spiritual Insights

Have you ever wondered what energy field surrounds your body? Or the spiritual radiance that you exude? According to the aura and chakra experts, there are seven major layers of aura. The aura readers can see these layers as colors and they can describe what they reveal about you, your experience and your growth at this stage of life, and the consultation usually costs at a hefty price tag.

On Saturday, 29 August 2015, Lagoon Spa at The Laguna Bali in collaboration with the owner of a renowned holistic jewelry shop in Bali, Rozalia Heinen, organized an afternoon of energy reading and wisdom sharing. This complimentary holistic event was a successful one considering the number of guests who participated in the one-on-one consultation session with the owner herself.

Using world’s latest aura reading machine, she and her holistic team managed to help guests to discover their inner self. Guests can also taste the seven major energies through the seven different teas that Rozalia has prepared. Throughout the event, her holistic jewelry collection that showcased 500 healing jewelries was a major window-shopping media for both in-house and visiting guests, especially the ladies!

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