Celebrating Lunar New Year in Bali

Celebrating Lunar New Year in Bali

With a long history of blended cultures, Bali has become a unique island with renowned integration of culture and tradition. While predominantly a Hindu island, Balinese also welcome the Lunar New Year with festivities due to the integration of Balinese and Chinese cultures many years ago. In celebrating the Lunar New Year in Bali, the island also turns vibrant with Chinese lanterns, dragons, fireworks, and ornaments representing the sacred animal celebrated in the coming year.

To make the most of the festivities, The Laguna, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua shares some ideas to celebrate the Lunar New Year in Bali.

Ideas for celebrating Lunar New Year at The Laguna, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua

Celebrating Family Reunion with a Sumptuous Dinner

Lunar New Year at Banyubiru Restaurant

The Lunar New Year is celebrated to pay homage to Chinese traditions, where people usher in the New Year by gathering together with family and friends. Families celebrate with a sumptuous dinner with selections of Chinese influenced cuisine.

Ushering in the Year of the Dog in 2018, you can delight in Prosperity Feasts at Banyubiru Restaurant which showcases an extensive selection of oriental favorites accompanied by acoustic melodies of Chinese classics. During the Lunar New Year’s Eve, Banyubiru Restaurant also welcomes you to a sumptuous Grand Family Reunion.

Delight in Auspicious Afternoon Tea by the Sea

Auspicious Afternoon Tea at Arwana Restaurant

The Laguna, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Nusa Dua, invites you to celebrate the beginning of the New Year in style. Auspicious Afternoon Tea at Arwana Restaurant serves three-tier display of sweet and savory Chinese delicacies paired with premium teas by the sea. When you travel with family, this experience will be an unforgettable dining experience to celebrate Lunar New Year in Bali.


Ideas for celebrating Lunar New Year around Bali

Visit Bali’s Oldest Buddhist Temple, Vihara Dharmayana, Kuta

Vihara Dharmayana Kuta

In the heart of vibrant Kuta, you can visit Bali’s oldest Buddhist temple named Vihara Dharmayana, which dates back to 1876. Located only a kilometer away from Kuta’s main strip, the temple is surprisingly serene with the pervasive calming scent of incense. During the Lunar New Year, the temple usually hosts guests to enjoy the Lion Dance and Wushu performances with oriental music.

Stop by Vihara Buddha Guna, a Temple among Other Places of Worship

Vihara Buddha Guna, Nusa Dua

In the vicinity of Nusa Dua, a unique landmark stands. Puja Mandala is a religious complex where five places of worship from Indonesia’s five major religions combine to make this a unique site. Among those places of worship, Vihara Buddha Guna is striking with large white elephant statues in its foyer and gold decoration adorning the entire temple.

Experience the Celebration at Ling Gwang Kiong Temple, Singaraja

Lunar New Year at Ling Gwang Kiong, Singaraja

If you have the opportunity to travel up north to Singaraja, the regency where the largest Balinese-Chinese community in Bali resides, you can visit the renowned Ling Gwang Kiong. The temple is known for its vivid murals and carvings of Chinese deities, painted mostly in red and gold. You can indulge in the temple’s vigorous Lunar New Year celebration with Balinese touches. As the celebration begins, you can witness a spirited Lion Dance called Barongsai, which looks like traditional Balinese Barong, accompanied with a ‘Gong Kebyar’ show, a traditional musical orchestra. As the celebration comes to an end, you can also experience an enchanting firework show set against the defunct yet picturesque Singaraja seaport.


The celebration of Lunar New Year in Bali is a unique cultural experience. As one of four New Year celebrations you can celebrate in Bali, this is an extraordinary event to take part in.

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